37 Chevy Car Parts (Also Fits 38-39 but does not fit truck) .

Pro Front End. W/Streamlined grill. Price=1200.00+120 ADDITIONAL FOR CRATING IF SHIPPING Weight=27 Ship: Truck Freight.

Front Fenders. Price=950.00 a pair Weight=15 each Ship: Truck Freight.


Rear Fenders. Price=600.00 a pair Weight=12 each Ship: Truck Freight.



Extended Flat Pin On Hood. Side Pieces sold seperate. Price=450.00 Weight=13 Ship: Truck Freight.

Lift Off Trunk. Price=350.00 Weight=4 Ship: UPS Item .


Bolt on Trunk. Price=550.00 Weight=4 Ship: UPS Item .


Doors with posts. Lexan Use Only.Price=1050.00 a pair Weight=12 each Ship: truck Items .


Smooth Dash .Price=299.00 Weight=3 Ship: UPS Item .


Hood Side Pieces .Price=122.00 a pair Weight=4 Ship: UPS Item .

Smooth Running Boards(2" wider in the back). Price=295.00 a pair Weight=13 Ship: Truck Freight.


Roof Clip(Body).Chopped 2",Price=3800.00 Weight=43 Ship: Truck Freight.


Complete Body Package. Price=6500.00 Total Weight=115lbs Ship: Truck Freight.