62-65 Nova/ChevyII Parts.

Pro Front End. Price=1005.00 Weight=25 Ship:

In this Picture of the Front end. It may appear that the hood needs to be cut into a square shape in order to fit the front end ,that is not the case, in fact we've incorporated a Belly pan for The Hood to Rest on and pin down to. So the hood actually rests on top of it, so when pinned will keep air seepage to a minimum, and keep the stock appearance of the Hood and front end.


4" Front Lower spoiler Fits VFN Front end . Price=220.00 Weight=3 Ship:

Nova Style Grill And Headlight Vinyl Graphic Sets, These Are Pre-Cut To Fit Our Nova Front End . Price=110.00 For The set. Ship: UPS.Available in Regular Chrome or Smoked( Please Specify Your Choice)

Front Fenders. Price=800.00 a pair Weight=9each Ship:




Front Bumper.Price=220.00 Weight=3 Ship:


Rear Bumper. Price=220.00 Weight=3 Ship:


Stock Flat Pin On Hood. Price=375.00 Weight=13 Ship:


Stock flat Bolt On Hood. Price=475.00 Weight=22 Ship:


2-inch Cowl Induction Pin On Hood. Price=425.00 Weight=13 Ship:


2-inch Cowl Induction Bolt On Hood. Price=550.00 Weight=23 Ship:


4-inch Cowl Induction Pin On Hood. Price=475.00 Weight=15 Ship:

4-inch Cowl Induction Bolt On Hood. Price=575.00 Weight=24 Ship:

Nova Sunoco cowl induction Pin On Hood (hood is stock length and the Scoop Extends To the Windshield may require trimming. 5-1/2"inch Maximum height) Price=495.00 Weight=15 Ship:




Flat Lift Off Trunk .Price=260.00 Weight=9 Ship:

Doors No Posts. Lexan Use only. Price=850.00 a pair Weight=14 each Ship:

Lexan Window Kits Are Available

Doors With Posts. Lexan Use only. Price=890.00 a pair Weight=16each Ship:

Lexan Window Kits Are Available


Front Bumper Filler Panel. Price=125.00 Weight=2 each Ship:

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fiberglass,chevy truck,auto,parts,automotive,hood,hoods,fenders,doors,body,bodys,gm,chevrolet,chevy,ford,dodge,mopar,pontiac,olds,oldsmobile,firebird,trans,am,s10,camaro