68-72 GTO/Lemans/Tempest Parts.

Arnie Beswick Edition 68 GTO Funny Car, 125" Wheelbase. Unlike funny cars of the past, this is as smooth and slick as any of our modern doorslammers, and while most other nostalgia bodies on the market today are using the original molds which give a product that is extremely heavy and requires lots of additional bodywork ours is a completely new design, and we use modern layup methods, your bodyman will love it. Price=8500.00 Weight=135lbs Ship:

'68 Lift Off Trunk . (Uses the 70 Trunk, Customer must trim area for taillights)Price=400.00 Weight=7 Ship:


68 Rear Bumper Price=350.00 Weight=6 each.Ship:


'68-69 Front Fenders. Price= 1025.00 a pair Weight=10 each. Ship:


'69 Style GTO Front End Fits Both 68 and 69. (The Lower valance is the only difference it Takes different sized Turn Signal lights) . Price=1200.00 Weight=35each. Ship:


68-69 Doors No Posts. Price=1150.00 a pair. Lexan Use only. Weight=10 each Ship:


Lexan Window Kits Are Available


'68-69 Rear Partial Quarter Panels. (Outer skin starts From where it meets the Door to back edge near bumper, and from the lowest point of rocker to the height of the trunk but not up the rear pillar, Stock Wheel Openings)

Price=450.00 Weight=8 Ship:


'69 Rear Bumper. Price=350.00 Weight=6 each.Ship:


'69 Lift Off Trunk . Price=400.00 Weight=7 Ship:

68-70 Lemans Stock Flat Pin On Hood. Price=525.00 Weight=13 Ship:


'68-70 Lemans Stock flat Bolt On Hood. Price=700.00 Weight=22 Ship:


68-70 GTO Flat Pin On Hood.(Scoops Come Closed) Price=550.00 Weight=13 Ship:

'68-70 GTO flat Bolt On Hood. (Scoops Come Closed) Price= 725.00 Weight=24 Ship:

'70 GTO Front End. Price=1350.00 Weight=42 each. Ship:

'70 GTO Front End w/spoiler "The Chief". Price=1450.00 Weight=45 each. Ship:


'70-'72 Inner Fenders. Price=250.00 a pair Weight=4 each Ship:


'70 Lift Off Trunk. Price=400.00 Weight=7 Ship:


'70-72 Doors No Posts. Lexan Use only. Price=1150.00 a pair Weight=12 each Ship:

Lexan Window Kits Are Available

'70-72 GTO Rear Bumper. Price=350.00 Weight=8 each.Ship:


'71-72 Lemans Stock Flat Pin On Hood. Price=525.00 Weight=13 Ship:

'71-72 Lemans Stock flat Bolt On Hood. Price=700.00 Weight=22 Ship:

'71-72 GTO Flat Pin On Hood. (Scoops Come Closed)Price=450.00 (Scoop Comes Closed at the front) Weight=22 Ship:

'71-72 GTO flat Bolt On Hood. (Scoops Come Closed)Price=915.00 (Scoop Comes Closed at the front) Weight=32 Ship:


'72 Front Fenders Fits 71, Price=1225.00 A pair Weight=10 each. Ship:


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fiberglass,chevy truck,auto,parts,automotive,hood,hoods,fenders,doors,body,bodys,gm,chevrolet,chevy,ford,dodge,mopar,pontiac,olds,oldsmobile,firebird,trans,am,s10,camaro