68-81 AMX & Javelin Parts


68-69 AMX & Javelin Front Bumper . Price=320.00 Weight:=7 Ship:


68-69 AMX & Javelin Rear Bumper. Price=260.00 Weight=6 Ship: UPS


68-69 AMX Front lower Spoiler. Weight=7 Ship: UPS Price=315.00


68-69 AMX Twin Louvered Pin On Hood . Weight=12 Ship: Truck PRICE=525.00


68-69 AMX Twin Louvered bolt on Hood. Weight=20 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=625.00


AMX Style Scoop. Price=250.00 . (Bolt On or bond on has inner tabs for bolting and an outer flange for bonding) 1-1/2"H x 20"W x 26"Long. Weight=8 Ship: UPS Items.

70 AMX & Javelin Stock Pin on hood w/factory style scoop. Weight=12 Ship: Truck PRICE=375.00


71-74 AMX Cowl Induction Pin on Hood (Approx 2"). Weight=12 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=575.00


71-74 AMX Cowl Induction Bolt on Hood With Airbox (Approx 2").Weight=20 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE= 775.00


71-74 AMX Front Spoiler. Weight=4 Ship: UPS Price=315.00


71-74 AMX partial quarters. Weight=9each Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=695.00 a pair



78-81 AMX & Spirit Flat Pin On Hood. Weight=12 each Ship: Truck Freight: PRICE=525.00


78-81 AMX & Spirit Flat Bolt On Hood. Weight=20 each Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=625.00