68-81 AMX & Javelin Parts


68-69 AMX & Javelin Front Bumper . Price=260.00 Weight:=4 Ship: UPS


68-69 AMX & Javelin Rear Bumper. Price=205.00 Weight=4 Ship: UPS


68-69 AMX Front lower Spoiler. Weight=4 Ship: UPS Price=205.00


68-69 AMX Twin Louvered Pin On Hood . Weight=12 Ship: Truck PRICE=375.00


68-69 AMX Twin Louvered bolt on Hood. Weight=20 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=475.00


AMX Style Scoop. Price=180.00 . (Bolt On or bond on has inner tabs for bolting and an outer flange for bonding) 1-1/2"H x 20"W x 26"Long. Weight=8 Ship: UPS Items.

70 AMX & Javelin Stock Pin on hood w/factory style scoop. Weight=12 Ship: Truck PRICE=375.00


71-74 AMX Cowl Induction Pin on Hood (Approx 2"). Weight=12 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=425.00


71-74 AMX Cowl Induction Bolt on Hood With Airbox (Approx 2").Weight=20 Ship: Truck Freight PRICE= 550.00


71-74 AMX Front Spoiler. Weight=4 Ship: UPS Price=205.00


71-74 AMX Rear partial Quarter panels. (Outer skin starts From where it meets the Door to back edge near bumper, and from the lowest point of rocker to the height of the trunk but not up the rear pillar, Stock Wheel Openings)

Price=425.00 Weight=8 Ship: Truck Freight.


78-81 AMX & Spirit Flat Pin On Hood. Weight=12 each Ship: Truck Freight: PRICE=375.00


78-81 AMX & Spirit Flat Bolt On Hood. Weight=20 each Ship: Truck Freight PRICE=475.00