78-87 Malibu/ El-Camino Parts.

78-83 Stock Style Pro Front End. Price=1200.00 Weight=25 Ship:

"The Bishop" 78-83 Style Pro Front End with our famous Bishop Style spoiler (First made famous in the late Nineties, The Spoiler Hangs Down 5" Below The Bumper, Sides of bumper are tucked in). Price=1350.00 Weight=27 Ship:



78-83 Malibu Style Grill And Headlight Vinyl Graphic Sets, These Are Pre-Cut To Fit Our Malibu Front End. Available in Regular Chrome Or Smoked Appearance ( Please Specify Your Choice). Price=150.00 For Each Set. Ship:


Front Bumper. Price=295.00 Weight=5 Ship:


Rear Bumper (Malibu Only). Price=295.00 Weight=5 Ship:


Flat Pin On Hood (Extends To Windshield to cover wiper area).Price=495.00 Weight=13 Ship:


Stock flat Bolt On Hood.Price=625.00 Weight=18 Ship:


2-inch Cowl Induction Pin On Hood.Price=495.00 Weight=13 Ship:


2-inch Cowl Induction Bolt On Hood.Price=650.00 Weight=20 Ship:


4-inch Cowl Induction Pin On Hood.Price=505.00 Weight=15 Ship:


4-inch Cowl Induction Bolt On Hood.Price=675.00 Weight=22 Ship:

3" Stingray Yenko Style Pin-on Hood. 3" Center height tapers to 2-1/4" on sides of scoop. Price=525.00 Weight=13 Ship:

3" Stingray Yenko Style Bolt On Hood. 3" Center height tapers to 2-1/4" on sides of scoop. Price=700.00 Weight=23 Ship:

Malibu VFNSunoco Style Cowl Induction Pin On Hood Extended to windshield, ( Both the Hood And Scoop Go All the Way to the windshield, Scoop Slopes at the back for Better visibility, some trimming required). Price=545.00 Weight=16 Ship:



Malibu VFN Sunoco Style Cowl Induction Bolt On Hood, (, Scoop Slopes at the back for Better visibility, some trimming may be required). Price=725.00 Weight=26 Ship: Truck Freight.


Stock Lift Off Trunk . Price=450.00 Weight=9 Ship:

Stock bolt on Trunk .Price=575.00 Weight=23 Ship:

Malibu 1-piece dash 55-1/2" Long Price=425.00 Weight=4 each Ship: UPS Item.


Malibu Doors no Posts ( Fits El-Camino) . Lexan Use only. Price=1150.00 a pair . Weight=11 each Ship:

All Lexan We Carry Is Scratch Resistant


Blank Kit 1/8" Trim To Fit.


Windshield 1/8"


Windshield Blank 1/8" Trim To Fit.


Rear Blank 1/8" Trim To Fit.

  VFN Pre Fit- 3DM8

Exact Fit For VFN Door


Door Blank 1/8"


Universal Formed Door 1/8"


Quarter Blank 1/8"



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fiberglass,chevy truck,auto,parts,automotive,hood,hoods,fenders,doors,body,bodys
fiberglass,chevy truck,auto,parts,automotive,hood,hoods,fenders,doors,body,bodys,gm,chevrolet,chevy,ford,dodge,mopar,pontiac,olds,oldsmobile,firebird,trans,am,s10,camaro