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Hello, my name is Shinichi Kajino.

I love American muscle cars. I drag race a NOVA in Japan.
I bought a 62-65 Nova Pro Front End
62-65 Nova Rear Bumper
62-65 Nova Stock Pin on Hood
62-65 Nova Doors - no posts
last year through V.F.N
I thank you for a good quality product .
At last the project was completed. I attached some photographs.
I would be glad If you use it on your homepage.

thank you.

Now finally, here are some pictures of my ride for you as promised. These were taken yesterday after I got back from our summer vacation trip(s). This is now a "race set up" of my car.
We had our "Ford Nationals" happening at the start of July where I took the car to road race track. I ran 1,5 seconds faster than last year and I was 4th fastest of 38 cars. A full race -65 Stang was
fastest and there was one original Rousch prepped 2007 Mustang and Saleen prepped 2008 Mustang before me. Both of those new cars are equipped with superchargers ABS brakes and very good
race type tires. I do have also Nitto NT01 tires and very good brakes, but not a single computer controlled handling devise (and that is good). The car is ABSOLUTELY FUN to drive!! All aluminium 511 cid
engine pushes 2645 pounds weighed car ( without a driver) pretty hard. You really need to be carefull with throttle on corners....and THAT is fun!!!

With your lightweight doors and trunklid plus removed/replaced parts I managed to loose weight 190 kg ( 418 pounds). Of course, this is just for our local club events, but it sure made a huge difference
how car handles and performs overall. Many people has seen my car now and only few of them realize that doors are made of fiberglass. They thought that I have only changed the
windows (also quarter windows). Trunk lid uses only one lock pin, but it seems to keep it locked pretty well.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

THANK YOU Jean for all the help you personally and the hole company provided for me!!! :-) :-) :-)


Here are some pictures of how the car looks now,
The bumpers and above the rear qarters are silver finish so they look exactly as chromed,the side stickers are chrome vinyl with silver stripes.Colour is Special Dark Cherry Red with vinyl gost flames,Now the car is leagel with passenger (two fannycar cases) on the strip and uppgrade to 25 1 E.In vinter there is going to be a Cbb polished Blower engine coming up out of the hood.
best regards Conny from Sweden.


Thank Teddy Houser Race Cars For This Beautifully Built Camaro

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